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February Newsletter




The Annual General Meeting has set the following subscription rates for the 2021 season :-

Full Membership – £45.00

Basic / Social Membership – £25.00

Full Membership applies to those members playing for one or more league team and includes the payment of league fees. Until we know when league bowling is permitted, we ask that all members pay the basic subscription of £25.00.

Social Membership is available to members who wish to play on a casual basis.

Any member who paid the full membership fee in 2020 is entitled to claim a £20 credit against this year’s subscription.

Payment can be made online directly to the Club’s bank account :

Sort Code : 30 97 88   Account Number : 01007849

Alternatively, subscriptions can be sent to Mike Milne (Treasurer) at the following address :-

Mike Milne,

20 Coudray Road,




In normal circumstances, we would by now have set and advertised dates for our internal club competitions. However, due to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, we thought it better to wait and see if any restrictions are still in place at the beginning of the season. You can rest assured that as soon as regulations allow, we will be organising a full programme of events, as we were able to do in 2020, despite a delayed start.

As many of you will be aware, we conducted a survey on our club competitions towards the end of last year and we will take into account as many of the comments, ideas and suggestions as possible. It may be that some of the changes we intend to make as a result of the survey will not take effect until 2022.

Our draft, outline programme for 2021, with all dates to be arranged, is as follows :-

Coronation Cup (Singles Handicap to run throughout the season, with a finals day in August or September)

Champion of Champions

Spring Pairs (Random Pairs, with plate)

Rose Bowl (Singles Handicap, with plate)

Vice-Presidents Pairs (Non-Random Pairs, no plate)

Ladies’ Championship (Round Robin Format, no plate)

Championship Cup (Men’s Singles, played off scratch with no plate)

Chairman’s Shield (Non-Random Pairs, no plate)

President’s Cup (Singles Handicap, with plate)

Club Triples

Floodlit Trophy (Non-Random Pairs, no plate)

Last Chance Cup (Random Pairs, with plate)

In December last year, the Club acquired a cup belonging to the old Blowick Hotel Bowling Club (the Blowick Hotel pub was situated where the Thatch and Thistle now stands). We have decided to use this cup in 2021 for a Champion of Champions competition. All the winners of the Club’s competitions and merit winners from 2020 will be invited to play for the “Blowick Cup”.

The Competition Survey showed that there was a demand for random pairs, so if HM Govt. / BCGBA guidelines allow, we will run two of our pairs competitions on this basis. We have provisionally planned to run plates at four of the scheduled competitions in response to requests from members.

Please note that all the above is a draft programme, which is subject to change. Full details and dates will be notified as soon as we are able to confirm them.


As we have been unable to hold an awards evening this year, we hope to hold a small, informal presentation of prizes for the 2020 season at the green, prior to one of our early club events. Ideally, this would take place on the day of the Champion of Champions as most of last season’s winners are likely to be present at that competition. This is, of course, conditional on any regulations which are in place at the time.

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2021 AGM


Dear member,

Following the email sent out on the 1st of February regarding the Virtual AGM.

We have not received any objections therefore all items contained in that document are considered to have been approved by the membership.

We would therefore request that payment of your 2021 subscription is now made.


The subscriptions for 2021 will be £25.00 per member.

If league bowling commences we would require a further £20.00 from the member.

If you paid your full subscription of £45.00 in 2020 you will be entitled to use the £20 towards the 2021 subscription.

If you do not wish to take advantage of this please pay as normal.

Subscriptions can be paid by:-

Bank Transfer to Lloyds Bank

Account Number 01007849 Sort Code 309788

Please text Mike Milne on 07752352065 to let him know you have paid,

By Cheque posted to Mike Milne 20 Coudray Road Southport PR9 9NL

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2021 AGM (Virtual)

Dear member,

We hope you are well and managing in these difficult times.

2021 is progressing and your club are hoping we will be allowed to provide social and team bowling for you in the coming year.

Normally we would be moving towards our AGM. But due to the restrictions we will be unable to hold our normal AGM or Awards evening.

The management committee met over the internet on the 15th of January and agreed to hold a virtual AGM.

To facilitate this the details of that Virtual AGM will be conducted by email which has been sent to all email addresses.

If you do not have email please contact us and we will try and provide a hard copy.

We would ask that you approve all the items included in the document.

Should you have any major disagreements with the document we would request you contact us by email or telephone.

If we do not receive multiple disagreements we will proceed as though all items have been approved,

We will provide social bowling when allowed.

We will have a full programme of Members Competitions, to commence when allowed.

We will have league bowling when allowed.

We would request you pay your 2021 Subs as normal.

As you are all aware the green still requires its maintenance over the autumn and winter. The good news is that the green is responding well and looking in top condition. (We have again received support from Bernard O’Malley and Nationwide Produce with this cost).

Unfortunately, the local vandals have again paid us a visit and managed to knock over the fence adjacent to the pub car park. We have repaired the fence on a temporary basis and are awaiting quotations for a new fence.

We will therefore be reliant upon members paying their subscriptions as soon as possible. You have always been very loyal and supportive members and we look forward to that continuing.

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We would like to wish all members a HAPPY NEW YEAR and we hope that everyone can stay safe and healthy.

We would like to thank all members who supported us throughout 2020, You supported the club both financially and by entering our competitions as well as using the green booking system.

We would hope that we will be able to return to bowling normally in the coming year, but rest assured your committee will endeavour to provide bowling in a safe environment for everyone.

We will be in touch regarding the holding of a club AGM and the payment of subscriptions as soon as we have formulated a way to proceed.

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We hope all our members are well and coping with the unprecedented times we are living in. 

Green Maintenance 

The green has received its autumn/winter makeover by Lancashire Turf and is looking in very good condition we thank Nationwide Produce PLC for their continued support. It has been hollow tined, scarified, re-seeded and the winter feed and top dressing applied. 

Graham continues to keep his eye on the green and the surrounding area and tidies up where he can. I have attached a photograph showing the green.

Before we reopen the green we will need some assistance in the spring for a good tidy up and removal of leaves and ivy etc. 

Green Security  

Unfortunately we’ve had a visit yet again from the local yobs. They gained entry this time by kicking in the fence adjacent to the clubhouse. 

Graham has managed a temporary repair to the fence and hopefully this will keep them out in the short term. We may have to consider the building of a new fence adjacent to the clubhouse and along the car park at the Hesketh Arms. It may be a project that we have to take our on ourselves to save money.  We will be in touch looking for volunteers if we decide to go down that route, when we have had time to discuss the options at a committee meeting.  I would ask you all in the meantime to keep your eye out if you are passing the green and inform us if you see anything happening or that you think we need to know about. 


Many thanks to those members who took the time to respond to the Club’s Competition Survey. In total, 25 completed surveys were received and the findings were as follows :-


1. Do you think the number of competitions run by the Club is :-

a. Not enough                       1 (4%)                                          

b. The right number          23 (92%)

c. Too many                           1 (4%)

2. Do you think the Club should run one of the singles competitions off scratch ?  i.e. no handicaps

a. Yes                                     14 (56%)

b. No                                      11 (44%)

3. Which format do you prefer for pairs competitions ?

a. Random (drawn on the day)                                                  9 (36%)

b. Non-Random (enter with a partner of your choice)        11 (44%)

c. No preference                                                                           5 (20%)

4. Do you think plate / consolation competitions should be run ?

a. Not at all                                       2 (8%)

b. At some competitions              11 (44%)

c. At all competitions                    10 (40%)

d. No preference                              2 (8%)

5. Are there any other competitions, events or formats which you would like to be considered for inclusion in the Club’s programme of events ?  

Use round robin format, games 11 up, with group winners progressing to knockout stages.

A triples competition.

Open competition, all off scratch.

A four-a-side team competition.

A competition played on the basis of players arranging their own games, with a finals day for semi-finals and final (e.g. Coronation Cup 2020).

Use of Power Plays, where double points are scored at certain ends.

Hold a floodlit / evening competition.

A Champion of Champions competition.

Over 60’s competition.

In addition to the answers give to the above questions, many positive comments were received regarding the Club’s programme of events and we thank members for this. Due to the current pandemic, we have been unable to meet to fully discuss the survey but plan to do so as soon as soon as restrictions are eased. We will look at the findings, suggestions and comments that have been put forward and consider them all when planning our competitions for next season.

Clearly, there is still some uncertainty surrounding the potential impact of Covid-19 but we will be looking to organise and complete a full and varied season of club events in 2021. Dates should be available early in the New Year, so please watch this space.

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Competition survey – November 2020


Competition survey – November 2020


Since the present committee re-started the running of club competitions at the Hesketh in 2007, we have staged 92 internal competitions for club members to take part in. Of these, 56 have been singles and 36 have been doubles. 62 different members have won a Hesketh competition in that time.

We started in 2007 by staging the President’s Cup, won by Jimmy Langley. In 2008, we were able to play for all four existing singles trophies and added a doubles, the Chairman’s Shield. Since then, several extra competitions have been added to the programme :-

2010 – The Spring Pairs

2013 – Vice-Presidents Pairs Trophy

2018 – The Ladies’ Championship and Last Chance Cup

The Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 meant that we were unable to bowl at all until the end of May and competitive bowls wasn’t permitted until July. Even then, only six people were allowed within the confines of the green which meant that we were unable to stage one day competitions in the usual way. It was decided to play the Coronation Cup on the basis of players arranging their games between themselves and using the online booking system. The competition ran very smoothly and concluded with a well-attended finals day, as the permitted number at the green had increased to 30 by the beginning of August.

Subject to the limit of 30 players, the rest of the Club’s competitions were held on a weekly basis and were very well supported, with record numbers participating and most being fully subscribed.

At the beginning of October, we even held an extra competition on the final Friday evening of the season. This attracted 18 members and Phil Richards and Brian Sutton were the inaugural winners of the Floodlit Trophy.

As it is some time since we sort formal feedback on the Club’s internal competitions, this seemed an appropriate time to undertake a survey to find out what members like or don’t like about the way our competitions are run and what format people would prefer. Please complete the attached survey and return to an officer of the Club. All views and suggestions will be considered when planning next season’s programme of events.

Please return completed surveys to Mike Milne, either by e-mail ( ) or

( or post to 20 Coudray Road, Southport PR9 9NL.


1. Do you think the number of competitions run by the Club is :- 

a. Not enough                                            

b. The right number 

c. Too many

2. Do you think the Club should run one of the singles competitions off scratch ?  i.e. no handicaps

a. Yes

b. No

3. Which format do you prefer for pairs competitions ?

a. Random (drawn on the day)

b. Non-Random (enter with a partner of your choice)

4. Do you think plate / consolation competitions should be run ?

a. Not at all

b. At some competitions

c. At all competitions

5. Are there any other competitions, events or formats which you would like to be considered for inclusion in the Club’s programme of events? Please detail below :-

6. Any other comments. Please enter below :-


Q1     A or B or C

Q2     A or B

Q3     A or B

Q4     A or B or C

Q5     Your Comments

Q6     Your Comments

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October Newsletter



The committee would like to thank all members for their support during the last 4 months in supporting the club competitions, supporting our efforts to comply with Covid 9 regulations, supporting our request for donations to purchase new equipment and most of all supporting us by renewing your membership.

We will be holding a committee meeting to discuss the last season and if you have any comments or suggestions we would welcome them. I know some members would prefer random pairs and we will take this into consideration. We tried a new floodlights competition on the last Friday evening of the season and we would welcome your comments on this.

The green will require some over winter work and we would hope you can help as and when we get to schedule the required work.

It is still unknown on how the next season will be but we are all hoping we can get back to as near normal as possible. We would hope that league bowlers who did not join this season will choose to join in 2021.

We are considering 2 new teams for 2021, 1 in the Maghull Monday evening league and 1 in the Ormskirk Tuesday evening league. Once we have these confirmed we will be looking for players.


The Team Challenge concluded on Monday 28th September with the following results:-

Hurricanes 5, Blizzard 0

Thunder 4, Tempest 1


Hurricanes 14 points

Thunder 8 points

Tempest 5 points

Blizzard 3 points


Congratulations to Terry Corfield and Tony Wakefield on winning the Conservative Club’s B.J.P.O’Malley President’s Trophy, defeating Chris Harding and Chris Heron 21-17 in a well-contested final.


The popular midweek round robins were able to start at the end of July and members have enjoyed two months of social bowling. The Committee wish to thank Peter and Lynne Smith for all the work they put into running these sessions and to all the members who have supported them. As well as providing our members with the opportunity to meet up with others on a regular basis, the round robins also contribute a source of additional revenue towards club funds. This is especially appreciated during what has been a difficult year.


Thanks once again to all those members who contributed to the Sponsor a Spike campaign. The final total raised was £604, which covers half the cost of the Sorrell Roller. Graham has been making good use of this new piece of equipment and we believe the benefits to the green can already be seen.


The Club was pleased to enter four teams into the Maghull Mini League, which was able to start at the beginning of August. The format was for teams of four placed in divisions of seven or eight teams, playing Mondays and Wednesdays over seven weeks. Our teams were the Hurricanes in the 1st Division; Thunder and Blizzard were placed in Division 2 and Tempest competed in Division 3. Many thanks to Mike Milne, Roger Van Beever, Sue Davies and Jason Chapman for taking on the task of captaining these teams.

Congratulations to Tempest, captained by Jason Chapman, on winning the 3rd Division by 10 clear points and losing just one of their fourteen fixtures. There were several impressive individual records in this team, including 9 wins out of twelve for Mark Rowlinson and 10 wins by Terry Corfield but top block was Graham Meadow with an unbeaten record of 11 wins in 11 games. In the 1st Division, the Hurricanes competed well to finish in 3rd position, just 3.5 points behind 2nd placed Brownmoor Brooke ‘A’. The Hurricanes’ top player was Chris Porter, with an outstanding record of 12 wins out of 13 games played. This was also the best record in the division.

Roger Van Beever’s Thunder finished the season in a creditable 4th place, competing against some tough opposition in the 2nd Division. Top block for Thunder was Brian Sutton, with 7 wins.

The highlight of the season for Blizzard was a convincing 4-1 victory over Thunder early in the season. Wins after that proved elusive in what was a competitive division, despite plenty of close games finishing with two winners for each side. The best player for Blizzard was George Hitchmough with five wins.

The full league tables can be seen using the following link: -


In all, 28 members represented the Club in the Maghull Mini League in what was a welcome opportunity to experience some competitive bowling. Some new greens were visited in a well-run and enjoyable competition. Thank you to all those members who supported the venture and to the Maghull League for their excellent organisation.

Floodlights Cup Friday 2nd October

A total of 9 pairs entered our first Floodlight competition.

Because of Covid 9 restrictions we had to finish the games by 10pm so it was decided to run a mini league format of 3 pairs per group, playing to 11 points. The winners of each group and the best runner up would proceed to the semi-finals.

After some very close semi-finals the eventual finalists were Jim Hallsall and Dave Bannister playing Brian Sutton and Phil Richards.

Brian & Phil played well to win the competition, this being Phil’s first competition win.


It was good to see some new players entering a completion and we will be looking to put this competition into our schedule of competitions for 2021.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mike Milne for running our competitions and also the competition booking system which worked very well.

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Competitions Update

Congratulations to Jason Chapman and Chris Porter on winning the Last Chance Cup on Sunday, defeating Kez Adams and Fergal Wright 21-11 in the final. Jason and Chris had reached the final with wins against Sue White and Sue Wignall (21-10), Wayne Graham and Norma White (21-11) and Terry Corfield and Noel Morgans (21-15). Kez and Fergal had wins against Lynn Burrow (21-18), John McCabe and Mark Rowlinson (21-11) and last week’s Vice-Presidents Pairs winners, Chris Harding and Jon Roberts (21-10). This was Chris’s second competition win of the season, having won the President’s Cup singles and Jason’s third success in club pairs competitions.

Last Chance Cup Runners up :- Fergal Wright Kez Adams

A plate competition was run for those defeated in their first game and this was won by Janice Hobson and Derek Wignall with a narrow 11-10 win in the final against Barry and Pat McArthur.

Last Chance plate Winners Janice Hobson Derek Wignall

The Club will stage an end of season pairs competition this Friday, 2nd October, starting at 6.30 pm prompt. The pairs so far entered are listed below. If you wish to play, please notify Mike Milne (07752352065 /
Kez Adams & Dave Bannister ; Jason Chapman & Chris Porter ;Sue Davies & Tony Wakefield ; George Hitchmough & Peter Smith ;Janice Hobson & Derek Wignall ; Graham Meadow & Mark Rowlinson ;Mike Milne & John Unsworth ; Dave & Sue White
Latest results in the Team Challenge were as follows  : – 
Hurricanes 4, Thunder 1Tempest 4, Blizzard 1
TABLEHurricanes 9 pts (+54)Tempest 4 pts (-23)Thunder 4 pts (-26)Blizzard 3 pts (-5)
The final fixtures will take place tonight 27/9/20 , 6.30 pm start : –   Blizzard v. HurricanesTempest v. Thunder
The green will close after next weekend to enable the annual maintenance work to take place but will be available for bookings up to and including Sunday 4th October. Many thanks to George for his work in setting up and running the online booking system. The system has worked well and it has been pleasing to see the green so well used by members once we were allowed to re-open at the end of May.

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September News Letter


A full entry of 15 pairs took part in the Vice-Presidents Pairs on Saturday and after some close games in the early stages of the competition, which saw some strong pairings eliminated, the semi-finals saw victories for Laurie Townson and Roger Van Beever against John Hughes and John McCabe (21-14) and Chris Harding and Jon Roberts over Mike Milne and Alex Rimmer (21-16).

As mentioned last week, we have witnessed some very close finals this season and this was no exception. The early stages of the final were extremely one-sided however, as Laurie and Roger won eight out of the first eleven ends to surge into a commanding 19-7 lead. The 12th end saw Chris and Jon score four to give them a glimmer of hope and with Jon taking the block and playing a tricky mark across the middle of the green, they chipped away at the lead with ones and twos, eventually running out with a fourteen break to win the game 21-19. Congratulations to Jon on his first Hesketh Arms competition win and to Chris on his first pairs success. Commiserations to Laurie and Roger on just missing out after a fine run to reach the final.

Vice Presidents Pairs Runners Up Roger Vanbeever Laurie Townson


Entries for the Last Chance Cup are listed below. The competition is full, with a reserve list, so if you are on the list and unable to play, please inform Mike Milne as soon as possible (07752352065 / so that a reserve pair can be notified.

Kez Adams & Fergal Wright ; Sue Andersen & George Hitchmough ; Lynn Burrow & Mike Milne ; 

Jason Chapman & Chris Porter ; Terry Corfield & Noel Morgans ; Sue Davies & Tony Wakefield ; 

Wayne Graham & Norma White ; Chris Harding & Jon Roberts ; Janice Hobson & Derek Wignall ;

John Hughes & John McCabe ; Alan & Jill Lloyd ; Barry & Pat McArthur ;

Peter Smith & John Unsworth ; Laurie Townson & Roger Van Beever ; Sue White & Sue Wignall.


The Team Challenge got under way last week and the results from week 1 were as follows :-   

Hurricanes 5, Tempest 0

Thunder 3, Blizzard 2

Fixtures for Thursday 24th September, 6.30 pm start :- 

Hurricanes v. Thunder

Blizzard v. Tempest

FLOODLIGHT PAIRS COMPETITION. Friday 2nd of October 6:30pm start.

Non Random pairs please contact Mike Milne as soon as possible (07752352065 / to register your interest.

This is the very last competition of the season, limited to 15 pairs.

If the floodlight competition is successful we will include it in next year’s completions.

Following the latest Government Restrictions coming into force on 22nd of September 2020, The following information has been copied from the HM Gov web site (

The guidance still allows our bowling club to carry on with the green bookings system and competitions.

We must strictly adhere to groups no larger than 6 and a total number in the confines of the green at any one time of 30. This will limit any spectators at the bowling competitions and if we have 30 playing members there will be no room for spectators.

We have to take this matter seriously and we would ask you to support us in following the guidance.

Strict social distancing and personal hygiene guidance should be followed at all times.

( North West of England: local restrictions

Taken from the above website

“Team sport and physical activity

You can continue to take part in organised sporting or licensed physical activity in groups of more than 6. This can be in any public place – indoors or outdoors – but not in a private outdoor space like a garden or inside a private home. These activities either need to be organised by a national governing body, club, registered instructor/coach, business or charity, and/or involve someone who has received an official licence to use equipment relevant to the activity. In all cases, the organiser must conduct a risk assessment and ensure compliance with COVID-19 secure guidance.”

The green will remain open until 7pm on SUNDAY 4th of October, when the green will close for winter maintenance.