Club Officials

2023 – 2025
President:- Bill Bloor
Honorary Vice President:- Bernard O’Malley

Vice President;- John Unsworth

Chairman:- Chris Harding
Vice Chairman:- Jason Chapman (Diversity and Inclusion officer)
Treasurer:- Mike Milne
Secretary:- George Hitchmough
Committee Members;- , President, Vice President, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer

Safeguarding:- Officer Sue Davies. George Hitchmough

LV League
Team Captains:-

Southport LV League
Hesketh Eagles:- Chris Harding
Hesketh Falcons :- J

Burscough League :-
Hesketh Ospreys:- Mark Rowlinson
Hesketh Vultures:- Kes Adams
Aughton Vets League:-

Hesketh Kestrels:- Mike Burrill
Hesketh Hawks:- George Hitchmough
Parks League:
Hesketh Kites :_ John Unsworth
Southport Vets ;-
Hesketh Merlins:- George Hitchmough
Hesketh Hobbies:-
Mahull League:-
Hesketh Owls :- Chris Harding / Mike Milne

Hesketh Sparrowhawks john Townsend

Parks, Southport Vets and Southport LV League Representative :- George Hitchmough
Aughton League Representative :- Mike Burrill,George Hitchmough
Burscough & Lathom Mens Bowling League
Representative :- Mark Rowlinson

Southport Ladies

Hesketh Buzzards :-           Debbie Barnes

Club Auditors:- Janice Hobson Noreen Lewis