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2019 Season Review



Welcome to the Hesketh Arms Bowling Club Season Review 2019. The  Club has enjoyed another successful year, with both the Eagles and the Owls again winning their respective championships.We were again able to complete a busy programme of internal club competitions, as well as staging open singles and doubles events. Membership remains strong and we look forward to another enjoyable season of bowling in 2020.


Premier Division             Pts

1.     Hesketh Eagles               216

2.     Fleetwood Hesketh ‘A’  171

3.     Scarisbrick NSC ‘A’       146

4.     Mere Brow                    145

5.     Victoria Park                 133

6.     London Tigers                125

7.     Zetland ‘B’                      116

8.     HeskethHarriers           114

9.     London Lions                  105

1stDivision                                Pts

1.   Zetland ‘A’                        182

2.  Sandbrook Park                168

3.    Crowlands                        147

4.   Hesketh Falcons              146

5.    Scarisbrick B.C. ‘C’                    139

6.    Fleetwood Hesketh ‘B’    138

7.    Zetland ‘D’                       131

8.    Scarisbrick NSC ‘B’        108

9.    Tarleton                           102

Congratulations to the Eagles on convincingly retaining the Premier Division championship they had won in 2018. Losing only two games, they finished a clear 45 points ahead of runners-up Fleetwood Hesketh ‘A’.

Having won the 1st Division the previous season, the Harriers were playing in the top division for the first time and competed well, eventually finishing in 9th place. Special mention must go to Jim Halsall, who topped the divisional merit with 14 wins and an aggregate of +134.

In the 1st Division, the Falcons had a good season, winning 10 games out of 16 to finish in 4th place.

Eagles Merit Winner :

Kevin Leddy – 14 wins

Harriers Merit Winner :

Jim Halsall – 14 wins

Falcons Merit Winner :

Peter Jozwik – 13 wins


The Kites continued under the captaincy of John Unsworth andenjoyed another good season in the 1st Division of the Southport Parks League. Last season they finished in 4th place but this year went one better to end the season in 3rd place. Hopefully, 2020 will be the year the Kites finally gain promotion to the Premier Division after several top four finishes.

Congratulations to Kez Adams, who was the Kites’ team merit winner with 17 wins out of 20 games played.

1st DIVISION                         Pts

1.   Fleetwood Hesketh ‘A’              186

2.   Tarleton                                       159

3.   Hesketh Kites                             137

4.   Zetland ‘A’                                   136

5.   Scarisbrick NSC ‘B’                   127

6.   Fleetwood Hesketh ‘B’              112

7.   Crowlands                                   111

8.   Holmeswood ‘B’                                103

9.   London Sphynx ‘A’                     101

10. Ainsdale ‘B’                                          95

11. Scarisbrick B.C. ‘B’                    85

KitesMerit Winner :

Kez Adams, 17 wins


Having only been formed two seasons ago, the Vultures were competing in the top division  of the Burscough League for the first time, having gained back-to-back promotions in 2017 and 2018. This is one of best divisions in the area and the team did extremely well to finish in 4th place. They will now look to challenge for a top three position in 2020.

1st Division

1.   Banks St. Stephens                     173

2.   Burscough RBL ‘A’                    149

3.   Bretherton                                   146

4.   Hesketh Vultures                       127

5.   Fleetwood Hesketh                     118

6.   Zetland ‘A’                                 115

7.   Longton VM ‘A’                         110

8.   Croston Subscription                            104

9.   London                                        97

10. Crossens ‘A’                               79

11. Mawdesley ‘A’                             75

12. Holmeswood ‘A’                          72

Merit Winner :

Chris Porter, 14 wins

In the 2nd Division of the Burscough League, the Ospreys enjoyed a much-improved season, winning eleven out of their 24 matches to finish in a respectable 10th place.

The team was pleased to welcome Kevin Leddy back into the fold after a break from bowling and Kevin won 16 games to claim the team merit award.

2nd Division

1.   Mere Brow                         194

2.   Croston Black Horse                  154

3.   Longton VM ‘B’               153

4.   Zetland ‘B’                         150

5.   Hoole Village Hall ‘A’       146

6.   Tarleton                                      134

7.   Mawdesley ‘B’                            127

8.   Burscough RBL ‘B’           124

9.   Hoole Village Hall ‘B’       107

10. Hesketh Ospreys               101

11. Holmeswood ‘B’                 82

12. Botanic Gardens                  76

13. Crossens ‘B’                       66

Merit Winner :

Kevin Leddy , 16wins


In 2018, the Merlins finished in 4th place and it was hoped that they would challenge for promotion in 2019. They very nearly achieved this, finishing in 3rdplace, just six points behind runners-up Formby Park ‘A’. Maybe next season will be the year the Merlins make it to the 1st Division.

The Hobbies were also competing in the 2nd Division and they finished in a comfortable 7th place, winning nine of their matches.

Individually, two players ended the season with 18 wins, Brian Sutton winning the Merlins team merit and captain Roger Van Beever leading by example for the Hobbies.

2nd Division                     Pts

1.   Ainsdale ‘A’                        184

2.   Formby Park ‘A’          168

3.  Hesketh Merlins         162

4.   Freshfield ‘A’              150

5.   Hesketh Bank            150

6.   Scarisbrick B.C. ‘A’    130

7.   Hesketh Hobbies                129

8.   The Northern             128

9    Botanic ‘A’                  122

10. Fleetwood Hesk. ‘B’    112

11. Our Lady’s ‘A’             107

12. Hoole Village Hall ‘B’    89

Merlins Merit Winner :

Brian Sutton, 18 wins

Hobbies Merit Winner :

Roger Van Beever, 18 wins


We continued to run two teams in the Aughton and District Senior Citizens’ League on a Wednesday afternoon and in 2019 both our teams were competing in the 1st Division following the Hawks’ promotion from the 2nd Division.

The top division of this league is a high standard with some tricky away greens to be negotiatedbut the Hawks performed well playing in the top division for the first time, winning eleven games to finish in a decent 8th place. The Kestrels won eight of their games to end the season 11th.

Congratulations to Bill Bloor and Dave White who won the league’s end-of-season pairs competition.

1st Division                              Pts

1.       Zetland                           233

2.       Burscough CC Vets       211

3.       Mere Brow ‘A’               210

4.       Burscough RBL             157

5.       Victoria Park ‘A’           156

6.       Hurlston Hall                 148

7.       Freshfield B.C.               133

8.       Hesketh Hawks             129

9.       The Northern                 125

10.     Stanley Arms                 115

11.     Hesketh Kestrels           114

12.     Aughton Institute ‘A’    108

13.     Crossens                        90

Hawks Merit Winner :

Peter Smith, 16 wins

Kestrels Merit Winner :-

Jim Halsall, 14 wins


Congratulations to the Owls on repeating the success of 2018 by winning both the 3rd Division Championship and Knockout Cup in the Maghull and District League.

Captained by Sue Davies, the team only lost two league games all season, despite playing in the higher division and completed the double by defeating Meadows in the Knockout Cup final, played at the Northern Club.

Individually, the team’s merit award went to Tony Wakefield, who went undefeated all season, winning all 14 games played.


1.      Hesketh Owls               142

2.      Meadows                       116

3.      Brooke Hotel 2             104

4.      Ormskirk B.C.                101

5.      Formby Holy Trinity    97

6.      Hightown                      95

7.      Netherton Park 2         80

8.      Formby S & S                77

9.      Dog & Gun           71


Tony Wakefield

14 wins


The Club continued to run it’s programme of internal competitions for club members during the 2019 season and these were once again well-supported.

The successful competitors were :-

                                                Winner(s)                               Runner(s)-Up

Rose Bowl                              Terry Corfield                       Peter Croston           

Rose Bowl Plate                     Sue Davies                              Lynne Smith                                     

Spring Pairs                           Mike Dunlop /                        Chris Harding /

Les Miller                               Dave White                                       

Spring Pairs Plate                 Barry McArthur /                 Bill Bloor                                          

                                                Peter Smith                            Lynne Smith             

Championship Cup               Wayne Graham     Derek Wignall                      

Ladies’ Championship          Pat McArthur       Lynne Smith                         

Championship Plate              Peter Croston                     Roger Van Beever

Vice-Presidents Trophy        Peter Croston / Sue Davies /               

                                       Norman Simpson Fergal Wright                                   

Vice-Presidents Plate            Mike Dunlop /        Alex Rimmer /                      

                                           Derek Wignall Roger Van Beever                            

Chairman’s Shield                Barry Lowe /             Jason Chapman /                 

                                      Richard Rawcliffe              Mark Rowlinson                  

Chairman’s Plate                  Sue Davies /                            Jeff Brown /              

                                  George Hitchmough              Roger Van Beever                

President’s Cup                     Bill Bloor                    Fergal Wright                       

President’s Day Plate            Sue Davies                          Les Miller                  

Coronation Cup                    Jim Halsall                             Dave White                                       

Diamond Jubilee Plate          Roger Van Beever            Sue Davies                 

Last Chance Cup                  Lynn Burrow /                      Alan Lloyd /              

                                               Mike Milne                  Fergal Wright                       

Last Chance Plate                 Laurie Townson /                  Peter Croston /                                 

                                                Roger Van Beever                 Barry Pursall


The Club again ran two open competitions in 2019, both of which attracted entries from all over the North West, as well as local bowlers and our own members. The winners were:-

Winner(s)                               Runner(s)-Up

Open Singles                          Andy Draper                         Fergal Wright

                                                (Fleetwood Hesketh)              (Hesketh Arms)

Bernard O’Malley                 Ray Bevington&                    Alan Catterall &

V-P Trophy                           Paul Clegg                              Roy Webster

(Open Doubles)                      (Golborne Sports)    (Scarisbrick NSC /Banks SS)