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John Robottom

I regret to inform you that John Robottom passed away on Christmas Eve.

I have sent our condolences to John’s daughter Alision.

John was a regular attendee of the Round Robin Bowling and well-liked by all, he will be missed.

I will let you know of the funeral arrangements when I receive the details.

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Dear Member,

With Christmas and the New Year fast approaching, I thought it would be good timing to update the

club’s members on what plans have been put in place for 2024.


I have had several conversations with our greenkeeper Andy Bate. All the back-end work was carried.

out immediately after the end of the season. Andy has been down to the green regularly to remove the

leaves and debris. The next stage is to prepare for the beginning of the season and work on the

green will be ongoing throughout 2024.

Green Surrounds

Members of the Committee have been to the green to shut down the club for the winter. While we

were there, we also inspected all the furniture and removed any items that were not up to standard.

A work party will be arranged around March time to tidy up the flower beds etc. There will be a

second work party to clear the gutters and lay the new carpet down. Please look out for dates as we

will be looking for volunteers.

Awards Night

The Awards Night will be held on Saturday, 20th January 2024 at the Churchtown Conservative Club.

Tickets with be available soon, so please join us for what is always a fun night.

Annual General Meeting

The AGM will be held on Monday, 19th February 2024, also at the Churchtown Conservative Club,

commencing at 8.00 pm. We would appreciate a good attendance.

New Members

Although we are not concerned about our membership numbers, there is going to be a focus on

recruitment in 2024. This will be through Open Days, supported by Social Media posts.

Project Manager

We still haven’t filled the vacancy for the position of Project Manager. The main duties are to

organise and oversee work parties and be responsible for any activity related the improvement of

the facilities. The position comes with a place on the committee. Please contact me if you have any

questions about this role and what is involved.


Volunteers are always welcome. We always require assistance with tasks such as gardening,

painting, cleaning, odd jobs etc. We are very lucky to have some helpful people at the club but it

would be great to have more members involved.


If you have any ideas to improve our club or have any questions about this update, please contact

me on 07761 733024.

I hope you all have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Chris Harding